Advantages of ello

ello is a walker that provides more safety and comfort thanks to its electric drive. Obstacles which are difficult or impossible to overcome with conventional, purely mechanical walkers such as gradients, curbs or heavy purchases can be easily mastered without additional effort. Additional functions such as an integrated emergency call, an anti-theft device, a positioning function, a lighting and an automatic brake support the comfortable and safe movement – and this means: more independence and quality of life in everyday life.

Watch our Founders-Video (German) or our Explanation-Video (German).

electrical drive
Safe uphill, over obstacles and in bus & train. More comfortable after shopping and longer distances.

automatic brake
No more rolling away. By automatic roll detection prevent falls and safer downhill (throttling the speed).

intuitive operation
Easy control for users of all ages through large keys, well-identifiable symbols and easy handling.

emergency call system
On the way in case of emergency call the relatives through an integrated emergency call. Can also replace house emergency call.

Security in the dark by footwell lighting. Better seen with front, back and side lights.

Positioning function
GPS positioning as an anti-theft device or in the case of inadvertently forgotten rollators.

According to a study by the Robert Bosch Hospital, many users of conventional rollators have considerable difficulties in daily use.



have difficulty overcoming obstacles


have difficulty braking downhill


have problems with uphill skiing

Customer voices

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schlicht

University of Stuttgart
Sports and health sciences

“Somehow in the high age comes the phase, in which old people need support in order to remain physically active They provide security and enable an active life even in a resource-poor age. “

Dr. Ulrich Lindemann

Robert-Bosch-Hospital Stuttgart
Department of geriatric rehabilitation

“The Rollator models that are commonly used today are reaching their limits in some everyday situations and can even affect the safety of users. A walker with integrated, intelligent technology that detects problem situations and offers solutions is needed here.”

Eva Gramsch

90 years
ello test-user

“The wheels are big, the motor is there – the electric walker is so easy to handle that older people can be able to do it, too.

Werner Kries

90 years
ello user

“I’m excited! The ello motivates me to walk longer distances again – thanks to the electric drive. So I can do something for my fitness outside as well.”

All advantages and functions at a glance

also works in
off condition

series-controlled light

Expandable in the future, e.g. with smartphone charging station

  • intuitive operation
  • horn
  • Integrated emergency call
  • Automatic brake
  • Higher payload possible by electric drive and weight-optimized design
  • Lightweight and proven frame
  • GPS location e.g. as an anti-theft device
  • unobtrusive electronics
  • Removable battery for easy charging
  • Electric drive in both rear wheels
  • Also works when switched off
  • Series-mounted light
  • Expandable in the future, e.g. With smartphone charging station

Technical specifications


The basis is provided by proven Rollator models, which are supplemented by a patent-pending handle technology for control and a specially developed wheel hub drive. This is how ello benefits from a mature basic framework and we as a technology company can fully concentrate on the development of technology. In the past two years, we have developed the complete electronics including power components, power supply, charging technology, sensor system, drive train and control unit. Through the support of university institutes for machine elements, design engineering and design as well as automation and software engineering, we were able to optimize performance, weight, ergonomics and control.

Details of the manufacturer of the rollator

Recommended body size: 150-195 cm
Maximum user weight: 120 kg
Highest height: 102 cm
Größte Länge: 66 cm
Greatest length: 64 cm
Seat width: 44 cm
Seat height: 62,5 cm
Diameter wheels: 20 cm

Additional information for the electric rollator:

Battery life: Abour 3 hours (Approx. one usage day)
Battery standby time: 2 Days
Charging time: 6 Hours (e.g. over night)
Total weight: 14 kg
Dimensions packed: 82 x 28 x 66 cm

Changes and errors excepted


What is actually ello?

ello is an electric walker, which is produced by the company eMovements, based in Stuttgart.

What is the benefit of the electric motor?

Regarding the electric drive, many users think of high speed. With ello, however, the electric motor in the rear wheels provides more safety and comfort. This allows users to travel longer distances or to handle purchases easily.

What are the advantages of the ello?

Besides the electric drive, ello offers additional extras. Features such as an integrated emergency call, an optional anti-theft device and location function provide additional security. In case of emergency, the user can make an emergency call using the SOS – button. The stored contacts are alerted via the help call and location information via SMS. In the standard equipment  are included also lights and a horn.

How much does the ello cost?

At the start of the market, the ello will be offered in Germany at a suggested retail price of 2.890 Euro (including 7% value added tax). The price in Austria and Switzerland may vary according to tax.

Is this paid by the health insurance?

No, health insurance companies offer only low case rates, which are not relevant for the ello.

Where can I buy ello?

The ello will be available to prospective buyers at selected medical stores in Germany in early September. A current overview of our partners can be found on this page. Already, you can sign up for the purchase of an ello.

How long does the battery last?

The battery of the ello is selected in such a way so it can last over the day (with one battery charge). The driving time (only) is up to 3 hours. The charging process is uncomplicated and takes about 6 hours. Further technical data can be found here.

How can I stay informed about current news?

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